Established in 1981, Bogart Delafield Ferrier LLC (BDF) is a highly focused management and strategy consulting services firm founded on the principles of helping companies grow and adapt to the ever changing environment of the healthcare and life sciences industries. Via its affiliate company Sibelius LLC, BDF provides a full range of transaction advisory services ranging from business development strategy to target assessment, due diligence and deal execution.

Specializing in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, diagnostics, and healthcare information management arenas, we pride ourselves in our deep domain knowledge of these defined market segments to decipher complex circumstances and deliver high quality and actionable solutions.

Equipped for issues ranging from corporate strategy and management to business development, finance, divestiture, business and product acquisition, technology and market assessment, and R&D, we create solutions that are situation specific, results oriented, grounded in solid research and analysis, and based on experienced insight.

We believe a successful business is grounded upon three foundational legs capable of maintaining structural integrity even on irregular ground. These three support legs are innovation to define value, market position and business purpose to have the means to extract the value, and capital resources to sustain economic endeavors.

Trusted by top management executives, from multinational companies through single technology startup companies, our lasting network of clients and partners is extensive and sustained by the consistent delivery of high value solutions.

Unparalleled in our agility and intellectual intensity, our unique brand of strategic counsel has delivered innovative and effective value strategies to clients for over 32 years.