BDF Evolution

The original vision of Bogart Delafield Ferrier was as an assembly of elite thinking professionals specialized to consult a target niche of life science companies. Through 32 years, BDF has steadfastly developed into that image, undergoing five distinct stages of development and transforming into a formidable firm, acknowledged and respected for its deep-rooted domain knowledge by the industries the firm has helped transform.

Dr. Ferrier established BDF in 1981, the start of Phase I, to address changes occurring in the life science industry using strategy driven by synergy between R&D and business. With the shift of payment methods towards diagnosis-related-groups, technology transitioning from receptor based pharmaceuticals towards molecular biology, and increasing consumer drives having profound effects on the industry, BDF partnered with some of the startup biotechnology companies at the time, such as Solvay, Amgen, Genentech, and Biogen (now all industry giants), facilitating their adaptation to these growing changes through R&D and marketing strategies restructuring, financial planning and due diligence. This period was marked by substantial growth, observed by both BDF and its clients.

1986 prompted the beginning of Phase II, when BDF broadened the scope of its client focus to large pharmaceutical companies. Pfizer, a key client, capitalized on the disciplined approach BDF employed in assessing marketing and economic issues in the industry. With the advent of managed care dictating changes to product development, outcomes and stakeholders became of importance, materializing the need for the creation of processes such as Needs Based Directed Marketing (NBDM) and economic trend analysis. BDF underwent robust growth during this time, maximizing its potential and capabilities in addressing the new dynamics of the pharmaceutical industry.

In Phase III, which began in 1990, work moved increasingly within large industry with companies such as Swedish gas company, AGA AB (now a part of the Linde Group), a leading global industrial gas provider. BDF successfully created the value proposition for AGA’s nitric oxide compound, structuring its business development. As BDF’s client list grew longer, it also developed more intimate relationships with some of the larger companies such as Genentech, as they started to build up clinical medicine on the commercial side. Reputation and credibility was established during this phase of growth, making BDF a household name in the life science industry.
With more companies becoming aware of the BDF’s capacity for creating value for their products, BDF began expanding into the diagnostic/device sector, attracting clients such as the capital division of Medical Data Sciences (MDS) Inc., a global provider of drug development products and services for diagnosis and treatment of disease. BDF also began expanding its own entrepreneurial endeavors during Phase IV, beginning in 1996. Four companies were formed from the intellectual capital within BDF, developing enterprises in drug development, healthcare information management, corporate transactions, and hospital reimbursement. Although the capital market collapse of 2001 took a toll on the development of these subsidiaries, the inherent driving engine, BDF, remained steadfast and continued to grow.

Presently in Phase V, BDF thrives as a highly focused strategic consulting firm, addressing very important societal issues in the healthcare industry and the transformation that continues to occur in the pharmaceutical industry. During this timeframe, BDF has affiliated with Sibelius LLC to provide a full range of transaction advisory services that clients have requested since the firm’s inception.

Constantly building upon its historical knowledge base and deep understanding of markets, technology and stakeholders, BDF continues to produce actionable solutions for its clients the way it has for over thirty years.